Novi is an arcade game where you have to guide the world through a labyrinth full of dangers. And to make things even more complicated, in each part you will find a different path filled with different obstacles. The control system in Novi is simple and intuitive: just hold your finger on the screen and move it in the direction you want to move the world. That way, you'll try to avoid hundreds of obstacles as you come across them, even if you're likely to fail. Novi is a very different game in which the average round lasts no less than thirty seconds. The goal, of course, is to try to last as long as you can in the maze, and the longer you survive, the more you will get points Novi is a very eye-catching arcade game featuring simple but fun gameplay and a wide variety of situations. Every time you play, you will experience a fresh labyrinth with new challenges. What is your best score?  Free download (with app purchase for removing ads).