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By Husoldier64   

We are moving at high speed losing our security, and it’s nice to find a VPN where I feel I can surf safely . I learned about this watching the Nomadic Movement!

2021.09.26 22:41:13
Worked great when I had access to it but now I no longer have access

By Snn5   

Long story short, I had bought the subscription and the app from and download it from the Google play store. I’ll later switched over to iOS and was able to install it once again on my iPhone.However I had a snafu with my Apple keychain and passwords and somehow wound up creating an issue but I no longer have access to my old email because I had deactivated it. Of course it’s my fault for having not exported certain receipts so I had no proof to go on so that I could change my email with Surfshark and there was nothing they could do for me so basically paid for three years only got one and that’s just the way it is. So basically the app worked pretty well but I can’t use it anymore and Surfshark was not able to reinstate or reactivate my Surfshark subscription or access so I’d have to take away a couple stars just for that.

2021.09.26 21:10:31
Stopped Working in Netherlands

By SuperNJDad   

This worked when we first got it in 2019. However, we can no longer watch any of the shows on NPO. The TV network is smart enough to block all their servers. Yes, I opened multiple tickets with their technical support, and spent hours and hours troubleshooting, with different DNS servers and encrypted protocols. A complete waste of my time, and BTW I’m an IT professional, who understands networking extremely well.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月27日

Hello there, thank you for your feedback! I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues! Perhaps you could write an email to, so I could look into your issue personally?
Cheers! Miles.

2021.09.26 09:03:50
Can’t log in and can’t connect

By weimar1995   

I subscribe for 1 year, but i can’t connect
When I uninstalled and downloaded again. I face a new problem that I can’t log in my account(i make sure my account and password right )

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月25日

Heyo! I'm sorry to hear that you're having login and connectivity issues, however, we'd love to help you out ;) Could you contact our friendly support at or via live chat?

2021.09.23 14:39:58
Trumpers Whining

By CrucialConflict    (该评论已被删除)

Trumpism + Far right win extremists (Terrorists) keep on whining for just about anything and everything. Don’t let these zombies intimidate your way of life. Thank you Mr.President Biden for making America Great Again. 2024 and beyond!

2021.09.23 05:16:48
No Netflix

By lost & traveling   

Surfshark Sint working With Netflix. As of about a week ago . Netflix is Sending a Message that I’m using an unblocked or Proxy and to Turn it off and then try it again.
Need to fix this please. This is one of the main reasons I purchased Surfshark. To watch my favorite shows outside the US.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月23日

Hello! Thank you for your review. I am sincerely sorry to hear about the inconvenience you've encountered. Could you reach out to our support team via email at or via LiveChat so that they could try to help you resolve them as soon as possible? Thank you!

2021.09.22 06:01:43
Seamless and responsive every time

By ay_yo-mikey   

Unlike the bigger shark in the market, this app works without snags, every time. It’s one of the best products I use.

2021.09.22 01:46:46

By JPZ479   

Unethical company.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月23日

Hi there! We're truly sorry to know you're dissatisfied with our VPN service. Perhaps you could get in touch with our Customer Success team via and express the reasons that made you feel this way? Thank you!

2021.09.21 23:50:01
Drains battery in standby mode

By tomgoonery   

It drains 50% of my battery OVERNIGHT. My phone has died 3 times overnight this week. If you forget to turn it off, it will kill your battery. My battery health is suffering from using this VPN. I just aged my phone 3 months in only a week.
Also, doesn’t work with Netflix to watch out-of-region content, which is my main reason for VPN.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月23日

Hi there! We're truly sorry to know you've encountered multiple issues with our secure VPN service. Perhaps you could get in touch with our Customer Success team via the live chat found on or email them at Our agents will be more than happy to assist you in resolving these troubles!

2021.09.21 20:38:02
Do business with a business that cares.

By Roasty 🔥   

If you’re even thinking about using this VPN then this is your ultimate sign not to. Surfshark decided to choose politics over good business practices, and it has chosen to side with far left political ideologies (ie: Antifa). Surfshark dropped one of their most influential product ambassadors over illegal false claims over Twitter without doing an inch of research to validate the claims, an irrational decision by an irrational company, ask yourself, is this who you want to trust with your privacy? Oh and don’t forget the extremely divisive and pathetic pandering that has left many woke businesses before it dead. Surfshark does not care about your privacy or your business, you’ll find good prices with much more respect for your business with other VPN providers.

开发者回复 回复时间 2021年09月23日

Hi there! We understand you might be upset about the situation, and we feel sorry about that. In this particular case, Surfshark has suspended running ads on one of our partner’s websites during the partner review process due to violations of our Terms and Conditions. Again, apologies if this has upset you.

2021.09.21 16:37:49
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