SUGAR allows you to talk directly to your favorite artists in front of other fans with two-way video streaming! It's simple: when you join a stream by an artist, you are entered into a lottery. If you're lucky, you'll be the one talking to your idol! CONNECT - Watch artists talk to real fans - Comment on streams with your fellow fans FEELS LIKE A REAL PHONE CALL - When an artist goes live you will receive a notification that looks like a real call! - Missed the stream? At least you will have a record in your missed calls LOTTERY - If you could talk to your idol, what would you say? Better start thinking because you could be the next in line to talk to them! - Don't worry about makeup - there's plenty of effects and filters for you to choose from - CANDY increases your chances of winning the lottery! FEELING SHY? - You can choose to use your profile picture or watch without entering the lottery, too! Supporting iOS versions over 11.2, iPhone 7 or higher recommended Questions? Contact SUGAR official support: