DVD Cam is a vintage camera simulates classic movie colors. # Colorful filters Now you can take movie-like photo without any after effect. Going to release more filters soon. # Vintage display Mix DVD player with these old display to simulate vintage display effect. - HD Display : no effect - M Classic : simulate scanline effect - Old TV : simulate old tv effect with heavy grain # Old disc player Camera skin looks like old disc player, enjoy the vintage photography experience. #About auto-renewing subscriptions DVD Cam now provides member subscription:$4.49 for yearly subscription. Payment: payment will be recorded in iTunes after user confirms. Payment cancellation: please cancel 24 hours before expiration date of the current subscription. Please manually cancel automatic payment renewal in Settings in iTunes/Apple ID. If you cancel within the 24 hours before expiration day, you will be charged for the subscription. Renewal: Apple iTunes will automatically deduct 24 hours before expiration day. Subscription will renew for another period after payment is deducted from your account. All user data will comply with privacy policy and user agreement, review the links below for more details. Terms of use:https://www.yoodoo.tech/dvdcam-terms-of-use.html Privacy policy:https://www.yoodoo.tech/dvdcam-privacy-policy.html