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-Overview Kiwi OBD is a professional dashboard, trip computer, OBD II scan tool, performance meter, driving efficiency monitor and more for your car. Designed in Silicon Valley, California, coupled with the SEMA award winning Kiwi OBD hardware interface by PLX Devices, this Kiwi OBD is 6 Apps in 1 making it the ultimate automotive tool kit. -MultiGauge™ Display up to 125 parameters in 6 preset modes (dashboard, engine, efficiency, trip, gear, and custom). This professional customizable dash was designed to outperform even the most expensive cars. -Fuel Efficiency with DriveGreen™ Drive smarter. Studies performed by show that 33% of fuel is wasted simply by inefficient driving habits. Our proprietary award winning Kiwi Drive Green driving behavior algorithms provide optimal fuel efficiency feedback for any vehicle or driving conditions. Kiwi Drive Green receives sensor inputs, 'learns' your driving styles, and computes it into a 'Kiwi Score.' As you drive, the app conveniently displays your score alongside other fuel efficiency parameters. -Diagnostics Diagnose your check engine light without the hassle of visiting your dealer or mechanic. View the specific Error Codes, Pending Codes, Permanent Codes, Freeze Frame, Readiness Monitors as well as a simple description of the problem, from the convenience of your home. Once the problem has been addressed simply press reset to clear the code. -Data Logging and Video Overlay Capture live video with real-time data overlay. A great tool for driving trips, fleet vehicles, auto cross, and track days, Video Overlay mode simultaneously captures video and sensor readings to provide you with professional video feedback of your drive with superimposed real-time sensor data. Analyze vehicle performance. Select from up to 125 sensors to record, pause, stop, playback and export your data. -Performance (Coming soon) Measure your vehicle's true performance without spending $1000s on dynamometer testing, track testing, or drag strip runs. Kiwi measures real-time horsepower and torque and other metrics such as 0-60 times, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile times, skidpad, inclinometer and more. -Kiwi Hardware Compatibility Kiwi 4 is more than a versatile OBD scan tool. Includes all the features and app compatibility of the Kiwi 3 with the following game changing new features. • 8 times faster than closest competitor with Kiwi OBD App • Integrated Micro SD card for data logging • Integrated speaker with audible warning/alerts • Built-in competition grade accelerometer • Selectable smartphone and self-run mode Kiwi 3 is a feature packed car to smartphone interface. Up to 4 times faster than the nearest competitor, Kiwi 3 uses ultra low power, installs in seconds, and can be left permanently installed in your vehicle. Kiwi 3 is compatible with all standard OBDII protocols and is able to update firmware via Bluetooth. When inserted into your OBDII port, Kiwi 3 sits just 0.68 inches thin making it the smallest, most discrete OBDII adapter. -Available Parameters *Not all OBDII compliant vehicles support all of the following parameters --Engine: Vehicle,Engine Speed Coolant Temperature Short,Long Term Fuel Trims Fuel Pressure,Level MAF,MAP Timing Advance Intake,Ambient Air Temperature Throttle Position Oxygen Sensor Voltages Barometric Pressure Catalytic Converter Temperature ECU Voltage Gear --Fuel Efficiency: MPG, km/l, L-100km 0-5 Min, 0-30 Min, 0-2 Hours Fuel Flow CO2 Emissions Kiwi Score, Smoothness, Drag, Accel, Decel --Trip: MPG, km/l, L-100km $ Used,Saved Trip Distance Traveled Fuel Used,Remaining Fuel Flow Average/Max Vehicle,Engine Speed Average,Maximum Engine Power,Torque Maximum CO2 Emission Rate Average,Maximum Kiwi Score Average --Emissions: Clear,Reset Engine Trouble Code Scan Trouble Codes with Fault Descriptions





• Support iOS 13. • Fixed an issue about Video Overlay feature. • Fixed an issue about Data Logging feature. • Fixed an issue about vehicle selection and vehicle info saving. • Fixed an issue about Gauge switching hanging. • Fixed an issue about Gear Ratio setting and saving. • Fixed an issue about Accelerometer setting and saving. • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


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