High quality ski lessons aimed at strengthening your parallel turn and introducing more effective edge control. The stunning video, intuitive cue cards and engaging presentation will enhance your learning experience and help make you a better skier. Use the device camera to have your skiing filmed and compare this with demos using cutting-edge split-screen video analysis technology. NOTE: - The audio issues mentioned are only due to the mute settings. Please check your mute switch first or if its an iPad double click the home button and scroll the bottom menu bar from left to right. Look for the silver speaker icon and remove the mute setting. Still not working then give us a shout. These carefully designed lessons will: • Complement on-slope tuition with a qualified instructor • Clarify the basics • Set you up for the Ski School Advanced App workshops • Give you the skills and techniques to start exploring more pistes around the mountain Best of all it’s portable and can be used anywhere: • In the chalet before a day out • As a handy reminder on the lift between runs • On the bus, train or plane before heading out to the mountains Once purchased, install the app on your device and everything is included, meaning no further uploads or costly data charges while you’re away. Just grab you phone and hit the slopes. Give your skiing the boost it deserves with lessons from the Ski School app - your portable ski instructor.