Drive transport trailer truck & heavy bikes from seaport to required destination! Load your sports bike in multi-level transporter truck and transport it to the destination in Motorcycle Transporter Truck Bike Transport simulator. Drive bike as well as quad bike and move from one place to another in the grand city. Enjoy drive in the ship yard and send them on their destination point with the help of your loader truck driver skills. You have two vehicles like super motorcycle, heavy bike, quad bike and other one is transport truck which will give you truck driver experience. Drive truck carefully in the city traffic and transport the vehicles on the ending point while playing motorcycle transporter truck bike simulator. Start your bike and load them in the luxury transporter truck to deliver bike in the ship yard. Motorcycle transporter truck driver transport is special bike transport simulation game in which your duty is to deliver bike in different locations in the big lovely city. Key Features: Play the role of loader truck driver as Moto bike transporter driver. Load & cargo Quad bikes & sports bikes in different areas of big city. Smooth controls & engaging sound effects. Addictive gameplay with many missions of heavy bike transport.