Dry Fire Online is a training tool that helps you become a better competitive IPSC / IDPA / USPSA / GSSF / Steel Challenge shooter. It supports your dry fire training sessions by displaying realistically scaled static and moving target silhouettes and you can even create your own drills. This app can be used together with the DryFireOnline.com website to get instant feedback about your shot placement, time and score. The app connects to the website and using the device camera it can detect the red dot of common laser training cartridges. Your hits are displayed in the browser. IMPORTANT: - Requires a red laser training cartridge. Infrared cartridges are not supported. - Requires an additional notebook or tablet with a browser that can display the dryfireonline.com website. - Projector is recommended. EULA and Privacy Policy: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/ https://dryfireonline.com/index.php?wf_mode=wf_mode_value_navigate_manual#terms_of_use