KetoLogger will help you quickly and easily log and graph your ketone and glucose readings. Enter your glucose and ketone readings with ease via the simple to use entry screens. Both mg/dL and mmol/L glucose units are supported.   You can import the CSV files from the KetoMojo meter app*. The graph tab helps you visualize your glucose vs. ketone readings with a line graph. Quickly see how you're doing with a glance. Jump quickly between date ranges to get the best picture of your progress. The history view lets you see your readings. Either glucose, ketones or using a "Both" view. In the Both view matching glucose/ketones readings are paired and the GKI is calculated. Easily export all your readings in CSV format (Two formats to chose from). A "backup manager" maintains the last few versions of the database. These can be restored or exported. Share your database between devices. If there's a feature that's missing please let us know at: GKI graphing is in the works (not sure when it will be done) but was originally skipped because I figured that graphing ketones vs glucose creates a kind of visual GKI. See my thought on GKI here: Keto Logger was inspired when a family member was following a ketogenic diet for health reasons. For a programmer logging and graphing ketones in a spreadsheet is not too challenging. For most other people probably a huge challenge. Keto Logger was created so that anyone with an iOS device can log and graph their ketone and glucose readings. (Also I personally have been following a low carb/ ketogenic diet since about 2003.) (* CVS import is tricky and will break if the exported format changes. If import fails then please send a mail to so we can figure out what's wrong and fix it.)