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By momarrb   

Enjoy the game very much and never have had to make a purchase. Keep up the game 👍

2022.05.15 23:44:34
Mahjong Journey

By BlahBlahBlahDitto   

I really like this game, however it’s impossible to get a hold of support. Generally there’s an option within an app to contact support but not on this one!

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年05月15日

Hi there! If you've faced any technical issues while playing or have any specific questions, please contact our support team by emailing or clicking the Send Feedback button in the Friends menu. We would be happy to help!

2022.05.15 20:20:57

By Hotmama0314   

Update: 05/14/2022-Still the best Mahjong game around but I have noticed that when you do the new room every month, when you reach each level, the daily gifts that you are giving are not as much as you used to give! For example, I finish levels one through five in the warp room and I win a hint booster and a free life booster. That is fair because normally one through five doesn’t cost the player a booster! However, when you get to the next five levels 6- 10, most players will need to use at least one booster if not 2, 3 or sometimes even 4! 4 boosters used on 1 level (so we can get the 3 stars so we can get diamonds to buy boosters) to only receive an eye booster and an extra life with 5 diamonds, isn’t really worth it! This game obviously has quite the following, I feel that you were a little stingy on your boosters! When it seems like I receive more rewards and I have boosters, I don’t mind using them, as a matter of fact most of the time I can’t get through a level without a booster! Here in lies the problem! It seems like every once in a while, with an update normally, the algorithm is changed and isn’t as generous as it should be! I understand it’s your job to make money. At the same time, I have to ask G5, how much money is enough? The people are waking up to the fact that a very small percentage of the world holds the wealth and hordes it! We the people around the world are not going to stand for that anymore! All any of us are asking for is fairness! For us to receive what we get or give! I feel it is better to give than receive therefore when it comes to my friends, if they need a collection item that I have, I always give it to them! Due to me being so Giving, when I need a collection item, I receive many more than I need! The point I’m trying to make is when you give without expecting, you get even more! I’m also going to complain about what I always complain about and that is finding a cat tailsmen! Let me tell you something, if you either lowered your prices for diamonds or allowed the cat talisman to be found more often, your company would make more money! I’m sorry but spending five dollars for 20 diamonds or whatever it is, is an outrageous amount of money considering how few boosters a person can buy with that! I suggest either lowering how many diamonds it cost to purchase the boosters or lowering your prices! Especially considering we’re in Biden‘s America! LOL, whoever believes Biden is running some thing is delusional but inflation is out of control and this is an a tangible item! I cannot explain to anyone why I would waste five dollars for something that I don’t receive, I can’t touch, and really has no value! It’s time to stop the greed in the world and it’s time for humanity to rise to the level it should! I’m just gonna tell you right now, monopolies and major companies of the world are going bye-bye! Once the world is aware of that, where will you be? Food for thought! I truly love this game but I think your company is greedy! How much money in excess do you need? Because God knows we don’t take it with us! Stating all this with much love and light in my heart, sharing my honest opinion about this game and explaining my desire for G5 to give lawyer or lower prices because in the end you most likely will get more!

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年05月17日

Hello, thank you for your detailed review! We admit that some of the levels may feel harder than others, but the objectives of the game are attainable without making purchases since there are many possibilities to win useful items. As for the videos feature, it is not supposed to be constantly available to all players, but we hope that you will be able to enjoy it soon, too!
The balance of player satisfaction and challenge of the game is our priority, and we will keep improving it. We appreciate your feedback!

2022.05.15 00:53:04
Fun game

By haight7   

Fun game but can get expensive- wish there were more ways to earn boosters

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年05月17日

Hi there! To accelerate your progress without making in-game purchases, try asking friends for useful items by adding them to your wishlist. We appreciate your feedback - it will help us make Mahjong Journey better!

2022.05.14 12:56:20
Comments about mahjong

By can'tnelieveit   

I like the game very much. It is sometimes quite a challenge when you don't have enough diamonds to unlock so we can move on and you are also out of the area of finder ngcthe itemx that help you earn the diamonds. Overall though it's a very good game.

2022.05.13 13:23:08
Mahjong keeps me sharp!

By poddicted   

Mahjong keeps me sharp and stimulated! I love it! Saved me while I was sick

2022.05.13 09:35:04

By Pook lava   

I love playing this game everyday. it is so fun to play everyday with my mom every morning. I would like to get more diamonds for free.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年05月14日

Hi Lori! There are many possibilities to receive free extras (including diamonds) as you play the game, but in addition you can take part in various contests on our social media pages to receive valuable prizes 😉

2022.05.12 02:18:07

By Grammeyl   

Cannot spend any money on this game, getting replenished with what I need to continue is getting very difficult! Thank you!

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年05月14日

Thanks for your review! While some levels may be more challenging than others, it is not obligatory to make purchases to pass them - it will just take more effort. You can win tools for completing tasks and use them to skip the most difficult parts.

2022.05.11 18:51:03
Great Game

By ivetruedeverything   

Love the game and cute graphics!

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年05月14日

Hi, thank you for the review! Enjoy the game.

2022.05.11 18:45:07

By 696969gigitygo   

I enjoy this game, it is hard to put down.

2022.05.11 01:22:31
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