Hide N' Seek: Rainbow Monster is a fun hide-and-seek game that mixes casual action, stealth, and puzzle gameplay. Your goal is to infect and turn all the people in the maze into monsters! Be faster and smarter than your opponents to win this one of the best hide-and-seek games.

It's time to make your choice! Be the Hider or the Seeker? Find or be found! Enjoy the brand-new Hide and Seek game featuring familiar game monsters. All your favorite characters are here in this fun, exciting hide-and-seek game

Be careful! Your enemies carry lethal weapons that are extremely hard to deal with if you're alone. Hide and sneak past the enemies and bite them from behind. The more monster hunters you bite, the more allies you gain!

⭐ How to play
Hide N' Seek: Rainbow Monster ⭐
- Select your role to Seek or Hide
- Drag to move around the maze
- If you are the hider: Run and hide, save your friend, don't get caught
- If you are the seeker: Seek them all and trap them, as many as possible.
- Time is running out, be the winner of this hide-and-seek game

⭐ Why you'll love
Hide N' Seek: Rainbow Monster game ⭐
- Fun stealth gameplay
- Lots of challenging levels
- Exciting monster creator
- Many famous creatures
- Easy controls
- Bright graphics

If you like hide-and-seek gameplay, fun monster games, and creating new creatures, download and play Hide N' Seek: Rainbow Monster now! Take control of a hungry monster and make people your scary allies! Win the fun battle between the living and the monsters!