Hi NOTEGG. We have launched [CALLA]. [CALLA] is a random filter camera of film replacement type. Starting with the idea of ​​keeping a warm eye on pretty things I have been planning from a long time ago and made it by studying hard. With so many filters that you do not have, I prepared for you who are tired of using difficult editors. Random photos It's a bit stiff, a bit old, I tried a lot to get a warm feeling. It comes out randomly when you snap Expect emotional photos. In the future, we will add more films that contain our NOTEGG emotion. Thank you for your interest. [How to use] [+] Call up a picture or shoot with a camera [=] It's easy to experience various films by choosing a film from the menu :) * Photos are automatically saved in your album! [Q&A] @: ask.notegg@gmail.com W: www.notegg.co.kr