Perfect Drink® is the first interactive cocktail mixing app.  Use with the Perfect Drink scale and see the virtual glass fill up as you pour.  The app measures each ingredient in real-time and tells you exactly when to stop pouring.  It even adjusts the recipe if you over-pour!  It tells you the drinks you can make with the ingredients in your cabinet, and generates a shopping list of items you are missing for the drinks you want to make. It’s Easy • Download the free Perfect Drink App, and connect your iPad and iPhone to the Perfect Drink Scale. • The app guides you step-by-step to build your drink. • The virtual glass fills in real-time as you pour, and tells you when to stop. It’s Foolproof • Poured too much? Don’t worry. Perfect Drink tells you how to fix your drink. • Not all liquids weigh the same. Perfect Drink accounts for this and measures the precise amount of each ingredient. It’s Convenient • The Cabinet feature allows you to select the ingredients you have on hand and sorts the cocktails in order, from highest percentage match to lowest. • Quickly add the ingredients from any recipe to your shopping list. It’s Fun • Try something new from our extensive recipe database. Each recipe has been created or taste tested by our professional mixologists. • Check back often – new recipes are constantly being added. You don’t have to update the app to get new recipes. • Change the serving size of your drink with a touch. • Having a party? Pre-select the cocktails, store them in “My Menu,” and easily access them later. It’s Customizable • Use the drag-and-drop recipe editor to enter your own recipes or customize existing ones. • Take photos or use existing photos of your recipe from within the app. • Use the Perfect Drink Scale to measure your recipe as you pour or enter amounts directly. • Touch and drag ingredients and actions to rearrange your recipe. • Choose from many containers for your cocktail, from shot glasses to punch bowls. • Add your own descriptions and notes.