Start your ecommerce business hassle-free, managing it form anywhere, without the need for coding or design skills with the Shopify app. Run your entire business from your mobile device. Seamlessly process orders, manage products, track sales, and execute marketing campaigns, all in one place. MANAGE YOUR PRODUCTS IN‑APP • Upload product photos • Set product and pricing details • Add products to collections • Scan barcodes to adjust inventory PROCESS YOUR ORDERS IN A FEW TAPS • Fulfill, refund, or archive orders • Buy and print shipping labels • See your conversion details RESPOND TO REAL-TIME INFORMATION • See live sales and visitor traffic • Get new order notifications • Communicate with staff SELL ON MORE SALES CHANNELS • Reach customers online, in-store, and more • Sell on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger • Sync inventory and orders across each channel • Manage multiple store locations RUN MARKETING CAMPAIGNS • Set up Google Smart Shopping campaigns • Create Facebook and Instagram ads on the go • Track results and optimize the next campaign FOLLOW UP WITH CUSTOMERS • View and manage your customer segments • Add and edit customer details • Contact your customers • Add timeline comments to customer orders POWER YOUR STORE WITH APPS AND THEMES • Access your Shopify apps for easy use • Browse our catalog of free themes • Change your online store’s appearance Whether you're running a last-minute promotion, launching a new product, or offering special discounts, our ecommerce platform empowers you to make edits and updates directly from your smartphone. Easily add announcement banners, post blog updates, and more, all on the go. Review from eCommerce News HQ “Shopify has successfully translated its top eCommerce platform into a seamless mobile experience. The transition between the web-based version and the mobile app is flawless, ensuring you have all the essential features at your fingertips." ABOUT SHOPIFY Shopify’s ecommerce app can keep your business moving quickly. In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, that speed can be the difference between a sale for you or for your competitor. Shopify has everything you need to start selling online, for any ecommerce business. Shopify's = app is designed to keep your business moving swiftly. In the rapidly evolving world of ecommerce, speed can be the difference between securing a sale for your business or losing it to a competitor.Start your business today on the one platform with the ecommerce and point of sale features to start, run, and grow your business.