Get yourself a cute cat Fred and take proper care of him: provide your pet with tasty food and fresh water, entertain him regularly, and buy a cozy mattress for him, so Fred can sleep well. In return, Fred will probably catch mice in the house. But if the pet is displeased, he will turn from a sweet kitty into a true evil monster and play a scary horror game with you! Cat Fred Evil Pet is an unusual horror game where you need to properly care for your pet Fred for four days. If the cat begins to play a cat-and-mouse game with you, you will have to escape from your house. But the escape will not be easy because the cat will hunt not for the mice, but for you! Do not think that your pet will always be good and sweet. It is better to start preparing for the escape from the evil cat in advance: open all accessible doors, find a craft book, and provide the pet with maximum care. The puzzles prepared by the evil cat Fred are quite difficult. Solving them is a true quest. This is what is waiting for you in the Cat Fred Evil Pet game: - a pet shop where you can buy a pet and all necessary things; - craft items to complete quests; - 4 days of the cat’s transformation from a cute creature into an evil monster; - tons of quests, puzzles, screamers, and fun moments. Try to survive for all four days in this horror game and get hold of a scary secret of the scary cat Fred: who instilled evil in the lovely pet? Pay attention to the name of the shop where Fred was bought. Perhaps, the old folks are mixed up in it – the granny and grandpa. If the cat has gone hunting, you should be very quiet. Try to solve puzzles as quickly as possible to escape from the house. In the Cat Fred Evil Pet game, we have tried to break from the traditional concept of horror games to ensure every player enjoys lots of new emotions from a brand-new gameplay and exciting story in the game. The game contains both scary elements (screamers) and fun, humorous moments.