Ever wonder to relive the tricks you always played on siblings? It's time to take a ride down the memory lane and experience the joy. Ron shifted to a new neighborhood and now owns a great mansion. It is rumored that the new house is haunted. Ron always had an evil mind and decided to take advantage of it and planned to play tricks on Lucas. Secretly carry out the evil plans so that no one can blame Ron. Help him to plan and carry out funny tricks and enjoy the fun. The Naughty grin on Ron’s face tells how much fun he is having. -Mess with the pizza which Lucas loves to Eat -Give some Scary Jumps by Creating a Ghost -Enjoy the crazy laugh by playing Fart Trick Now experience thriller, suspense, fun tricks and laughter inside one House with the help of evil minded Ron. Fun is all the evil kid needs to enjoy. Features - Fun Game play -Simple and easy Controls -Funny Pranks to Enjoy -Tempting Music -Interesting and Enjoyable Levels