Give yourself some time to play Water Connect Puzzle - a flow water fountain puzzle game and enjoy the process of connecting fountain and trees. Try to bring watercolors into the trees and flowers so that one plant only receive one type of color. Pour colored water from fountains to the plants to completed the level. This colorful game seems easy yet challenging as well. The higher level you reach, the harder it gets since there are more fountains, plants and trees to arrange colors. FEATURES in WATER CONNECT PUZZLE: - There are over 1500+ FREE levels to play, each one filled with intriguing challenges to keep your mind engaged. - Each level in this water game can be completed without any limited number of turns. You can try as many time as you want. - Elegant and smooth 3D graphic, plus relaxing sound of the water flow will help you reduce stress. - No need wifi/4G, play Water Connect Puzzle anywhere without internet. Just play whenever and wherever you want. - Don\u0027t worry if you get stuck, you can restart the level anytime. - Bright colorful trees, flowers, grass, landscapes. - This water flow puzzle game is suitable for kids, adults, any age. - Calming and relaxing sound effect. - Easy to play, hard enough to master. - Download for free. - One finger control. - This water pouring game will provide you with an enjoyable, soothing, and time-killing puzzle experience. HOW TO PLAY FLOW WATER CONNECT PUZZLE: - Tap any piece to rotate it. - Change direction of the water flow by tapping the pieces. - Make a working pipeline to bring water to every trees, flowers and plants. - Figure out how to link the colored water fountain to the appropriate flowers. - If you give each plant the appropriate water color, the blossoms will bloom, the trees will grow. - You can utilize a clue if you get stuck at any level. - As the water flow reaches the plants, they grow, and when every plant in the area fully grows, your mission is completed. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Now is the time to download Water Connect Puzzle game and enjoy the magnificent water fountains. This flow water fountain and connect trees puzzle game should hopefully bring some color and mystery to your day.