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Been playing for some time. Lately (again) game will take many, many, many attempts to load. Then periodically freezes during game play. Hard to play when it won't let you. I used to enjoy it.

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2022.06.28 12:39:34

App has gotten consistently more stable over the past few months. Hopefully, there are some game mods coming to improve gave play as it is getting stale.

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开发者回复 回复时间 2021年02月16日

Hi Commander Ron, we apologize that you are experiencing connection issues with the game. Please contact us at with your user ID, device information, and any relevant screenshots so that our support team may assist you. Thank you.

2022.06.26 18:13:16

It is a pertty good game overall. For the crashing problem, I unistalled thecapp and the reinstalled it. Works for me now

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2022.06.26 14:03:32

Game is totally incomplete , as a player who has played almost 2 years.....I can say , events for gaining critical heros only happen one time......winner take all.....event will never come back again , leaves you with items in your "backpack" totally useless.....but still there , I gave 2 stars because it is fun , competitive and has potential.....bring events around more than one time ...I would give 5 star......( but of course sence you won't give me a five star.....I wont give you

2022.06.26 09:18:24

Been playing this for a few months, but the crashing issues are increasing and now it wont load for over a week. Tried everything I could think of. Poorly designed support. No response to email. No other way to report issues except complain here. Money put into the game now a lost cause. Uninstalling once and for all. Don't waste your time or money on this one.

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2022.06.23 08:44:45

Complicated game, needs some instructions to better understand. Constantly crashes, very difficult to reload. 6 mo ths later, still very unstable

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2022.06.23 05:32:39

Does not make switching over data and game progress to another device easy to do. I switched phones and cannot get my game to switch and no technical support to help you with it

2022.06.21 07:33:24

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!! I've spent thousands of dollars on this game and can't even login now. Crashes constantly. Trash devs / server issues which are not hard to fix. Also not surprising every event you need to spend more $$$ to get decent scores. It's really gone downhill the past year, hitting rock bottom and starting to dig.

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By Alex L
2022.06.18 22:25:34

5-15 Game will not load , crashes upon logging in. Seems to be an issue with newer android devices. DECA contacted but as usual does not respond or correct issue in a timely manner. Update: 6-16-22 Deca is aware of issues with certain android devices. Issue has worsened and is still unresolved. DECA recommended that I use a different device/brand. I will not purchase a 1200 device just for this app that developers cannot correct issues with. I recommend you refund me what I have invested in app.

2022.06.17 09:07:19

Game won't even open for me anymore...unplayable..edit..finally loaded and all my progress is gone. I'm uninstalling this junk

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2022.06.14 21:32:21
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