Mahjong Connect - Onet Connect is a challenging and fun puzzle game where you need to connect two matching tiles. However, obstacles may be in your way: can you work around them?

The rules are simple:
- Find two tiles on the board that match
- Tiles can be matched if they can be connected by a line with two angles or less
- You win when you have cleared all the tiles, or when you have cleared the special tiles indicated with a yellow border
- The quicker you clear a level, the more stars you will get!
- Some levels are timed: make sure you finish before time runs out
- If there are no more possible moves, the board will rearrange itself automatically
- Levels get more challenging along the way: can you beat the special gravity levels? Or the levels with obstacles that cannot be cleared away?

Mahjong Connect - Onet Connect is a fun and challenging puzzle game with fans around the world. It has many levels with different types of gameplay, for hours of fun! You can compare your scores to the world record: do you have what it takes to beat the best players?

• Original gameplay with gravity, targets and obstacles
• Crisp graphics that scale on any device
• Saving your highscores
• Classic and modern Mahjong Onet tiles