A simple yet powerful scientific tool for measuring acceleration, calculating gravity and more. Measure acceleration and gravity even if your accelerometer doesn\u0027t support it. Display the data on graphs and monitor the acceleration, gravity and linear acceleration on 3 axes. Both Pro and Free have: --\u003eGravity Calculation --\u003eAcceleration in m/s^2, ft/s^2 and G --\u003eXYZ, max-min and graphs --\u003eGPS gravity --\u003eAccelerometer enhancement This app gives you the ability to calculate the gravity precisely on your location using GPS and the WGS84 system. Dont just use the 9.81m/s2 or 32.2ft/s2 approximation but get the exact ellipsoid model value on your location. Also if your sensor is not advanced this app allows you to enhance it using 6 different methods of calculating gravity. This app requires an accelerometer (acceleration sensor). The app doesnt collect any data from the gps. Privacy Policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18SZnQ_hwVG8ZdAqHcGLZx_3-EV7-HK2r/edit?usp\u003dsharing\u0026ouid\u003d118342188965553829987\u0026rtpof\u003dtrue\u0026sd\u003dtrue