The ProGolf golf app was created to provide golfers and coaches the tools to efficiently analyse their golf swings. Slow-motion and frame-by-frame playback helps in determining the issue the golfer is dealing with.

The features in this application include:
- Video comparison (compare swings).
- Play your video in slow motion or frame-by-frame.
- Drawing tools to indicate exactly what you are working on. This includes the line, circle, rectangle, arrow, angle and freehand drawing tools
- Video trimming
- Save your video or image with or without drawing shape laid over the original video.
- Create student profiles to easily keep track of your students, you can also import or save video's/images to the specific student.
- Create a lesson and share the lesson with your students as a pdf file
- Download video's of the best players in the world
- Live score updates and World ranking
- Video looping functionality

This is just the beginning of ProGolf and we are excited to add more features as the app grows. Most of the features in this application were suggested by users. If you have any suggestions, you can send us an email.

ProGolf is a free application with restrictions. When you buy the full application, the ads and the restrictions will be removed.