Hiddenverse: Hidden objects and match objects in a fun match objects and find hidden objects game. As n heir of an abandoned castle of the legendary Morgana, team up with a young witch. Master 10+ find and match modes in a fun witch puzzle.

The magic story you’ll love!
When you merge witchcraft with matching gameplay and renovate witch castle, it becomes a true matchcraft! You follow the story of a young witch who aim to become a renowned enchantress and dreams to meet Circe, the greatest of all witches. In order to meet her, the heroine has to learn magic, update her skills and match objects in a hiddenverse fun match objects and find hidden objects game. The nice gameplay, cartoonish art and dozens of find & match levels, this find hidden objects game offline is fun to play for all fans of casual renovation games.

Lots of find hidden objects game modes!
If you like to play match pairs games offline, and hidden object this puzzle is a must-try. It offers a variety of find and match modes to unlock as you complete the chapters. At first you only have to match objects pairs of items in the level clutter. When you progress, you get more and more challenging tasks, such as to find pairs of objects which are of different size or color, or find triplets. The hidden objects can be cluttered in one or two heaps, and can be moved or not. If you are really up to the challenge, then try to only tap hidden objects from the list below the board.

A bewitched castle to restore!
You can earn up to three stars for hidden object levels. You can then spend them to renovate the old castle which you have inherited from the legendary sorceress Morgana. Little by little by step you will rebuild the walls, glass the windows and mend the floors. For every renovation step you will earn a witch puzzle piece. Complete the jigsaw puzzle to unlock the following chapter.

A little time-killer to play offline!
Most find hidden objects games today are large space. Instead this finding game is a low mb game which you can play offline every spare minute. Return every day in a witch puzzle to collect your daily bonus, renovate witch castle and match objects in a find out find hidden objects game and replay whatever level to earn more stars. Enjoy this puzzle game on your phone or tablet and master your pair matching and searching skills.

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