First of all, this isn\u0027t just an ordinary tennis/sport game. The game is designed to put your gaming skills to the test while having awesome time! Do you have what it takes to win all of tennis cups? FEATURES: - Simple concept \u0026 very addictive! - Bonus level where you run for your life! - Cool upgradable powerups! - 15 outfits to choose from! - Try to beat your friends\u0027 highscores and set the best score on the global leaderboard for every tennis cup! - More features is up to come in new updates! HOW TO PLAY: - Tap tennis balls to hit them. Don\u0027t miss it because you have only three lives. - Tap coins to collect, then spend them in \"Shop\". - Tap three golden tennis balls, which brings you to the bonus level. - Don\u0027t touch bombs or you lose the game. *** For optimal gameplay 768MB of RAM is needed. Have any problems or suggestions? You can reach us at We would love to hear back from you!