Introducing Disco Ant, the funkiest, grooviest ant on the planet! Step into disco heaven and shake your funky thang as our hero dances, struts and rocks his way through the neon streets of Disco City, delivering a funky beat down to the creepy crawlies who are trying to stop the music. Tap the screen (and your feet) in time to the rhythm to perform funky fighting moves and send Disco Ant into a disco fever! There’s no rush - it’s all about getting into the disco groove. If you like games that have retro looks and that make you want to dance, then download Disco Ant for free and join the disco revolution! This game was designed and developed by a young, talented, energetic team in just two weeks as part of Outfit7’s Talent Camp programme. Download now, and be amazed by what was achieved! Disco Ant is currently only available in English. Terms of use: EEA privacy policy: US privacy policy: Rest of the world privacy policy: