Urdu keyboard makes it easy to type in urdu or english language. Urdu keypad brings the feature of converting roman to urdu. By using this keyboard You can send messages in Urdu.

Urdu english keyboard has beautiful emoji keypad with thousands of emojis. Using emoji keyboard you can share your feelings with your friends.

Urdu typing keyboard makes it easy to type in urdu quickly. You can share Urdu content on social media and write messages in Urdu. With roman to urdu feature you can write Urdu easily. This keyboard has Urdu and English languages support you can switch between those two with a single click.

By using voice typing method you can press mic button and speak to write in urdu or english. Type Urdu using voice is convenient for writing long messages to you friends.

Urdu keyboard gives accurate words suggestion while typing in urdu or english language. Write few letters and you will get Urdu suggestions in the suggestion bar.

Keyboard has many beautiful themes. Urdu emoji keyboard has a collection of thousands of funny emojis to make your conversation more understandable.

Adjust keyboard size to make it classic big keyboard. If you like big keyboard and large keys this keyboard offers keys text size feature by using this you can change the size of the keyboard and keys.

Key Features :
Easy Urdu Typing — Convert roman urdu into Urdu.

Voice typing — Speak and write quickly in Urdu or English language.

Beautiful themes — Make your keyboard more attractive by choosing different eye catching themes.

Emoji keyboard 😍 — From collection of beautiful emoji keyboard, include emojis in your messages for showing emotions and feelings.

Big keyboard — Adjust keyboard size accordingly.

Large key text size — Increase key text size to make comfort for your eyes.

Accurate suggestions — Offers suggestions while typing in Urdu or English.

Separate number row — Number row at the top offers comfort for typing digits.