Are ready for a new, challenging yet fun and relaxing match-3 game? You need to find and match 3 items of the same shape to get a point. Once a level is cleared, new 3D items will be added for you to find and match. Cool Features ✨Shiny and cute 3D objects: All the 3D models are inspired by real-world objects and drawn into cute and love 3D items. The 3D items will have your eyes glued to the screen for hours. Be careful, try to stop yourself from this match-3 items game. 🧠Thoroughly thought and well-designed brain-testing levels: We are proud to tell you that our puzzle game would help you train your mind to memorize and your eyes to quickly scan through the mountain of 3D objects to search for matches. It is no surprise that you would find your memory getting better as you progress in the game. 🧸 Cute and adorable 3D animals, sweet yummy food, and 3D objects, and tons of objects await you to discover. ⏸️ Autosave function is available all time to make sure you could continue playing whenever you have time. Tile Connect 3D is a match-3 game, it is easy, fun yet challenging for everyone to join. How to play match 3D game: - Choose any 3D object. It can be lovely 3D objects, animals, or an emoji - Look for 2 more objects of the same shape to make a pair of 3. - Keep doing that and don’t forget that the number of slots available is limited. - Tick tock, tick tock, try to match 3 all the objects before the time runs out. - Once any level is cleared, new objects are added. There are more and more objects for you to match 3. Download now and play Tile Connect 3D, it is a free, fun, and challenging 3D match 3 puzzle game.