Meet cute, easy, and brave new puzzle game from developers ‘Christmas Sweeper 3’ and ‘Christmas Sweeper 4’. You are expected to see memorable heroes with their own unique characters, unusual plot, special presentation, and, of course, colorful, toon and sparkling graphics. ‘Brave birds’ is one of that most popular games that combine both puzzle and card adventure. But what this story will about?


The card matching game will tell you about the fight between the brave birds and the fiend cat.

The angry 🐈 cat Capones intends to destroy the Central Park of New York in order to build a factory. Brave birds and inseparable friends Kevin, Rosie, and Bob must defend the city park and its attractions. For sure, the insidious Capones will try to achieve their goals and will not leave our birds alone, but our heroes have something more powerful than money and power. Friendship and true brotherhood, as well as a great objective (the ecological zone of cultural recreation) will help them to fight this epic battle!

Best friends need all their ingenuity to match 3d, solve quests, and reveal the games of insidious cats.

Your decision can save our best friends from a dangerous cat and his angry servants. Let's not stand aside and help prevent the outrage of Capones!


Check the advantages of new number match 3 game in order to decide if your desires matches with it.

🐦 New card matching game with exciting and enchanting story. So you definitely will come back to play this game over and over.
🐦 Yep! It’s one of those fun games for free with incredible powers of using boosters, power-ups with stunning effects, and simple, clear interface.
🐦 Interesting and fancy tricks to complete levels will develop your logical thinking as well as creativity.
🐦 The difficulty of the game will increase as you progress through the levels gradually, so you can play without stress for your pleasure.
🐦The variability of difficulty and various obstacles is based on an intuitive approach. Therefore, everything you need to know for this game is already in you!
🐦 Also, it’s so called no internet game or no wi-fi game, so you need any connecting to the web.


Then be a match master, collect matches in a new exciting and easy game, participate in the storyline with many interesting levels at your disposal, and help brave birds win!

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