Uncertain times can mean uncertain demand for events. So how about we get together ON demand? Introducing a new kind of event planner and ticket handler to help bring us back together in 2021 - a social launcher. Event creators can publish ideas with advance launch criteria, such as how much notice is required, minimum guests and possible run dates. In return, guests pre-order tickets to confirm their interest and validate the idea. However instead of selecting a firm date, their tickets allow them to tick all the possible dates they could go. When enough ticket offers hit the launch criteria on a particular date, an instance of the event triggers and all tickets are issued. The original guest pre-orders are executed and each ticket with many possible dates, now collapses into one confirmed date. The result? Supply is matched with demand so events materialize only when viable for everyone; and group sizes or capacity can be flexed to match event requirements, as well as gathering guidelines in your local area. These guardrails help reduce risk for event creators and offer more convenience to guests. Use for any event you think might benefit from this kind of launch planning and date matching: casual gigs, repeat gatherings, gym classes, school trips, weekends away, art exhibitions, popup restaurants... get creative... All functionality is available for free with free events. This means you can have a play with everything end-to-end, before you decide to run a chargeable event. When the new normal needs a new kind of planning and you need to know things in advance, try demand driven event management.