Hi, I am Sirius!
I walk at night on the roofs and touch the stars.
Come with me, I'll show you my favorite game!

Connect stars into colored constellations!
Clear clouds and fog, try catching shooting stars. There are a lot of things to do on the roofs!
Stargazer is a game for fun and joy!

* More than 400 exciting levels challenge your wit and attentiveness.
* Various types of goals do not give to get bored!
* It’s free! You can buy boosts to complete some hard levels in case you stuck )
* All levels are not limited by time, so you can play in your own speed
* The game is similar to the familiar "match 3", but has many more features and combinations. Is it possible to connect 10 stars? No question! How about 20 in a row? Use your intelligence and observation skills, and your tremendous achievements will impress everyone!
* I am a smart and handsome cat. I consider myself as am advantage of the game too! Mr. Meow!
Who gets the most beautiful constellation? Maybe it's you!