Start the offline action ninja karate \u0026 boxing fighting game with universe epic journey where you will lead your super anime fighter and achieve a glorious victory in the last battle. Whatever you need to be fearless and unstoppable. Let the enemies face your rage. Did you ever want to be able to fight with kung fu anime warriors in different universes? Now all of these shadow samurai superheroes are gathered in one space game. Whether it\u0027s a fight between warriors from the same cosmos, a different universe or a martial-arts between villains from different anime cosmoses who could have never been able to meet in another way. Manga battle is great combination of epic, fanatical \u0026 futuristic play with easy controls of anime fighting games. This anime fighting especially designed for manga art fans and animated karate superheroes fans. It is very easy; we made it as arcade action last game lovers, play anime shadow superhero last clash anime fighting to unleash your inner combat rage. Try to win in offline survival final battle, earn points after every successful taekwondo samurai fighting challenge to unlock next galaxy kung fu warrior. Defeat in any will give you chance to fight with master to regain your last martial arts anime battle skills. Earn points for each wining against rivals, anime fight against galaxy powerful offline karate \u0026 boxing challengers and level up your anime kung fu skills to get top-level ranking. Upgrade your super powers, speed, and accuracy with new strikes and fighting combos getting points for each winning match. How to Fight Against Anime Galaxy Fighters: Earn points to unlock new combos and get incredible super powers to become an immortal martial arts combat fighter. Tap on the superpower button to attack fireball, iron rod \u0026 archery weapons. Tap kick buttons to attack rapid ninja samurai kicks. Jumps and blocks to avoid shadow warrior attacks. Unlock new fighting’s styles features of anime martial art, kung fu and karate. Use combo attacks and boxing kicks to eliminate rapidly in this anime fighting game. Use heavy superpower combos and move quickly like a spider and sudden attack on anime shadow warriors. Quick \u0026 unpredictable attack on anime martial art \u0026 kung Fu rivals will unlock the next superhero. Unleash your rage in epic \u0026 futuristic final battle. Enjoy action packed offline anime fighting games is mortal anime battles against supervillains. Anime Fighting Game Features: • Fight against universe anime fighters and win glorious last battle • Use superhero ninja powers to knockdown samurai rivals’ energy rapidly • Anime kung Fu warrior \u0026 karate king challenge with big rewards • Play with your super anime hero in kung fu king shadow fighting match • Defeat anime kung Fu fighters \u0026 get rewarded points to unlock next level • Background music \u0026 sound effects will upgrade your energy in shadow karate • Intuitive and smooth touching screen controls • Beautiful 3d cosmos environment will increase your fighting passion