Meet a new great brain training app! Let's see how good you are in solving logical mathematical puzzles.

Math-N-Roll is an awesome math game to sum up numbers, solve puzzles, train memory and concentration.

Math lover? This puzzle game is what you need! Math hater? You simply must try it because this mathematical app is a great way to improve:

- logical skills
- out of the box thinking
- mental maths
- observation and reaction
- counting skills

Best math practice!

Have fun in your free time with this entertaining mathematical puzzle game and train your brain! This mathematical app is a brain teaser game for adults and kids as well. The app is educational, as the players need to do math calculations and think logically. Math-N-Roll riddle will build up your math skills!

Sum Game - How to play?

The objective of this math puzzle game is to make up 4 sums of numbers.


Tap the wheels to spin them so as to get the numbers displayed at the top of the screen. Use math, arithmetic, logic and problem solving to reach the target numbers. Do it as quickly as possible and get the best score.

Sounds easy?

Difficulty increases steadily with each new game, yet there is always a solution! Start with simple puzzles to understand the rules of this math game.
Compete with yourself and improve your results. The puzzles are endless! Use your mind and thinking power to solve them all!

***No internet connection required***

The mathematical puzzle game contains:

- Challenging levels for Beginners and Professionals;
- Simple gameplay: once learned never forgotten;
- Customized play modes of your choice:

• equal sums
• different sums
• unknown sums

• single task
• multiple tasks

Moves & Time:
• moves and time are limited
• moves are limited
• time is limited
• infinite time and moves

The unique instrumental music creates the unforgettable atmosphere while playing. You will not notice becoming addicted to this addition-based math game! Math-N-Roll is the best time killer!