The new release now supports our ParaTek V3 MINI AND NANO DEVICES.
See App info button for more information how to purchase and use these devices with the App.

We are excited to announce the Apps recent feature on a Paranormal TV Show called "Ghost Chasers" And "Help My House Is Haunted" On the Really channel network. The App was quite successful in the session used on the show on 2 occasions during EP 2 & 4 Whilst some of the team were skeptical of the Apps ability's It did however Show some promise which left a few of the team members astonished with the results captured.

New sleek look with 2 new added features, Digital compass and Proxair tool to detect motion near the device screen using proximity sensors, Works in 0 light.

Speech generators have been used by paranormal investigators for years, Due to their simplicity and ease of use, they quickly came one of the sought after tool's in the paranormal tool kit. AppyDroid take this to a new level and introduce Gen - 2 Our Ai system into this app to provide 4 layers of analysis and deciphering before the is chosen, Not a random process like other app's, it uses Ai technology to completely operate the app, Simple on and off function.

.No radio interference
.No audio banks
.No technical knowledge
.No speech recognition to falsely reply

Simple to use ITC Tool brought to you by AppyDroid.. Our brand is trusted by real novice and professional Ghost hunter's, We consistently strive to bring the best technology available in our app's. We also have the widest range of app's available than any other market source, No copies or replica's Just genuine Idea's and theory's put into our ITC App's

Please note: This app is not a magical tool that will summon spirits on every use: It merely is a new concept ITC Tool, It is not designed to be 100% accurate, Not imply that it can communicate with spirit's, If you are looking for direct communication, sadly that technology is not available, Its simply a tool to see if you can get meaningful responses at the right time.. We hope to step up the game with using new technologies and ideas, But dont leave bad ratings if you don't understand the ITC Principle behind what this does, Please use it thoroughly before making assumptions or concluding your verdict.. The app is in beta, Please accept there may be bug's, Only reports can fix these so report issues when you find them..

Feel free to check out our website for full support and information.