Check your endurance and get fit like the pros! Improve your health and quality of life with this awesome app for your smartwatch. No need for time consuming cardio workouts in the gym or personal trainers. Now you can exercise wherever and whenever you want. The shuttle run test is used by many professional sports coaches, law enforcement agencies and military units as an accurate assessment of the cardiovascular fitness of their team members. Are you up for the challenge? Train yourself for actual test scenarios or improve your stamina while trying to top your all-time best score. Practice anywhere with this version designed especially for wearable devices, rendering CDs or replay devices obsolete. The Shuttle Run test, also known as multi-stage fitness test, bleep test, beep test, pacer test or Leger test, is a simple and widely employed assessment for fitness and endurance. It is the ideal training for almost any sporting activity, where athletes benefits from aerobic exercise, be it football, rugby, handball, hockey or tennis. A Shuttle Run is easily conducted, simply by running from side to side between two points, 20m apart, while the time interval to reach the points decreases as you progress through the stages. You will receive accurately timed cues through vibrations to run or rest, and as warnings if you are too slow. Shuttle run is the perfect app to get yourself in shape and improve your speed, stamina and over all fitness level in an easy and intuitive way. ‘Shuttle Run’ is compatible with Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, Sony SmartWatch 3 and more. Important note! ‘Shuttle Run’ is only usable on an Android Wear devices! Please visit to find Smartphone or Tablet optimized Android Apps! © HandyGames 2019