Welcome to Kyte – where small businesses find relief, and results. Simplify your operation, sell better from anywhere and champion your inventory – without the tech hassle or heavy costs. Are you a small retailer trying to keep track of sales? Or a wholesaler needing to manage a diverse inventory? Maybe you're a talented home-based entrepreneur ready to take your passion to the next level? Kyte has been designed with you in mind. • POS Precision: An intuitive point of sale system tailored for small businesses. From the local cafe to the bustling wholesaler, Kyte adapts to your business needs. Whether you need a barcode scanner, a handy cash register feature, or a detailed sales tracker, and many more business tools. • Inventory Intelligence: Say goodbye to manual stock counts and hello to smart inventory management. Whether you're tracking incoming stock, ensuring the right items are on your shop floor, or keeping an eye on sales, our inventory tools make it a breeze. Be it stock in-outs, shop inventory, or sales and inventory monitoring, we’ve got you covered. • Order Oracle: Take the guesswork out of orders. Manage and track orders seamlessly, from the moment they're placed to when they're in your customer's hands. Whether it's mobile ordering, order tracking, or even if you're looking to sell on platforms like Instagram, Kyte streamlines it all. • Receipts That Are Your Brand’s Echo: Stand out with every transaction. Kyte's receipts don’t just record, they resonate. Showcase your brand's vibe, whether you're in your store, at a fair, or on the go. • Catalog Craftsmanship: Showcase your unique products with our digital catalog. Whether you’re a local artisan displaying handcrafted items or a wholesaler advertising in bulk, Kyte’s customizable online catalog has you covered. Easily share it, even on platforms like Instagram, broadening your reach. • AI-Driven Product Descriptions: Dive into the world of automated product descriptions. Kyte’s advanced AI technology crafts compelling narratives, ensuring your products don’t just get seen, but they sell! • The Future of Local E-Commerce: Why pay excessive fees or commissions elsewhere? With Kyte, launch your online storefront for free, and connect it to your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp). And guess what? Those orders are managed effortlessly. Track them, update their status, and keep your clientele in the loop. • Insights & Analytics: Kyte is more than just an operational tool; it's a window into your business's health. Our analytics provide a clear view of your performance, helping you make informed decisions. • Feature Flash: Seamless Sync: Your store, socials, and stocks, flawlessly in tune. Profit Peek: Dive deep into your top-sellers & revenue risers. Mobile Maestro: Command your business empire, right from your phone. Swift Setup: Business brilliance, just a click away. Stock Sentry: Real-time inventory updates. Wave bye to "out-of-stock" oopsies. Mobile Point of Sale: Seal deals on the go. Impress & progress! Catalog Commander: Showcase your stock sans the suitcase. Rep & Roll: Keep your team in sync, every step, every sale. Feel the relief with Kyte, designed with the small business owner in mind. Our friendly yet edgy platform brings together all your tasks, from sales to stocks, for comprehensive control. From managing your inventory to creating an online catalog, from ringing up orders to issuing receipts, Kyte is the all-in-one solution you've been seeking. Our users love us: "I love the receipt system, the stock feature, and the barcode. Until you try this, you won't understand." "This is easier to use compared to other POS apps. The online catalog is better than other POS." Kyte is not just a tool; it's your business companion. Dive in, simplify your operations, and watch as your entrepreneurial journey thrives. Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/