Spot the difference - Seoul


"Spot the difference - Seoul" is an interesting game to finding differences between two pictures. Pictures included in this game are in relation to seoul tour theme. Seoul is the beautiful city, the capital of Korea. You can enjoy the major tourist attractions of Seoul during playing.


♪ Features
▷ 100 pieces of the interesting picture.

▷ Special Screen Change Effect
Various display transitions and effects will be fun.

▷ Simple & Hi Quality Graphic
Simple and high-quality graphical screen design provides elegant design.

You can enjoy the mini slide puzzle game for free.

▷ Long Battery, Low CPU
Using the low power system of “CK IPhone Game Engine” optimized to iPhone or iPod touch, players can enjoy to playing for long time.

♪ How to play
▷ Choose a theme want to play with
▷ Find 5 spot differences between two pictures as fast as you can.
▷ 5 hint items are provided at bottom side to help you.
▷ Go to the next stage if you cannot find differences using SKIP button.