Super Hero Bike Mega Ramp is the best racing game from BigCode Free Games. Enjoy playing with your coolest Super Heros. The best part is you have to choose an attire of a Super Hero and ride on the toughest mega ramp with your ultimate power bikes. This is the realistic yet challenging battle of racing games on bikes as Super Heroes. There are unique levels & you can ride perform stunts on different ramps. Get ready for the coolest ride of your life of being a Super Hero!!! Gameplay: The gameplay is to choose your Super Hero & race on different mega ramps. This is an amazing gameplay for all superhero fans. Download & Play the heroic freestyle game with Super Hero Bike Mega Ramp. Super Hero Bike Mega Ramp features: *Free Racing Game to play *Unique levels and multiple ramps *Go crazy on dangerous ramps *Various camera angles to view your freestyles *Realistic physics controls for stunt driving & racing *Real Super Hero game to play on Mega Ramps *Amazing bike racing games to play *colourful bikes to ride on ramps *Extreme racing games to play If you love Super Hero Bike Mega Ramp, please do leave a comment. Privacy Policy: