Read greens like the pros, make more putts, and lower your scores with Slopegraide, golf's real-time green reading system!   Our patent pending training aid takes the Slopegraide sensor worn on your midsection and uses physics and geometry to tell you where to aim your putt and how hard to hit it! No green reading books to sort through. No courses to preload on your devices. No subscriptions or in-app purchases. A quick, seamless calibration process for the sensor in seconds and you are ready to make a ton of putts! Slopegraide was made by players for players. Consistently misreading putts on the green is now a thing of the past. Build your confidence in your green reading and putting, take advantage of the great shots you hit on the green, and create breakthroughs on the course with Slopegraide! FEATURES • Speedview - Calculates an animated rolling model along an with approximate duration to hole (NOTE: Duration is based on a flat surface with only horizontal slope) • Four Measurement Modes to accommodate any green reading style:   - Imperial (US) (inches/feet) - Metric (centimeters/meters) - Slope Degrees - Slope Percentage (useful for those who read greens with their feet!) • Coach Mode - Allows coaches to connect to Slopegraide sensors worn by their students much easier when worn on the back of their midsection • Calculates where you need to aim any putt inside 30 feet instantly (for Imperial and Metric measurement modes only) • Displays an approximate duration to hole to train putt speed control (NOTE: Duration is based on a flat surface with only horizontal slope) • Supports green speeds from 6 to 15 on the Stimpmeter • Trains both your eyes and kinesthetic feel for various slopes on the green • Slopegraide can be used with your Apple Watch without having your iPhone nearby! (Apple Watch linking is not available for iPad) • Configurable sensitivity to accommodate users with limited mobility or different forms of golf apparel - Now includes sensitivity calibration! • One-Shot or Continuous Feedback Mode – Display either one slope quickly or continuous slope measurements up to 10 seconds NOTE: A Slopegraide sensor is required to use this app. Please go to to purchase your sensor.