39 high-quality goose calls at your hand - a sweet and powerful tool to help you attract and hunt goose. No ads. Beautiful design and powerful functionalities, allowing you to: 1. find and use high-quality goose calls to assist your hunting 2. play sounds on loops 3. book goose calls as "favorites" for convenient access 4. use flash light, compass, and map while you hunt Pro-tip: connect your iPhone or iPad to a Bluetooth speaker so that the goose calls are even louder! List of goose calls: 1. Mating call 2. Greeting call 3. Hailing call 4. Feeding 5. Scared 6. Foraging 7. Hissing 8. Migrating 9. Laydown 10. Comeback 11. Goose being Crazy 1 12. Goose being Crazy2 13. Goose being Crazy 3 14. Cluttering 15. Canadian Goose Flock1 16. Canadian Goose Flock1 17. Canadian Goose Honking 18. Canadian Goose Migrating 19. Canadian Goose Alone 20. Quick chip Plus 19 other uncategorized goose sounds