Your country is war torn, your troops need help, you are the only hope, grab your suit of power armor and become the superhero everyone needs. Fight your way through enemies in Iron Warrior - Origins – the most thrilling superhero Action – RPG – set in a modern environment, under attack by an evil force. Explore a superhero game brought to life with console quality graphics and innovative, yet, easy to learn combat system that allows you to create and master your own play style where you can approach each fight in your own way because of the open world designed environment. Collect power ups and use your abilities to reach into the heart of the enemy base, and put an end to the terror. STUNNING ENVIRONMENT *High performance and beautiful graphics effects *Open world approach *Immersive modern environments THE ONLY SUPERHERO RPG *Choose between multiple armor suits * Level up and upgrade your favorite suit * Unlock special alternate skins for each armor * Use each suit`s special abilities to help you succeed * Each suit favors a different play style IMMERSIVE GAME PLAY * Fight epic boss fights * Story driven game play * Every game run is slightly different * Superhero missions and abilities * Dozens of different enemies with different behaviors SHORT INTRO The year is 2025 your country is invaded, almost all hope is lost. All conventional military efforts to combat the enemy force failed. With all civilians successfully evacuated the army has a new plan of action : deploying their experimental multi-purpose integrated weapons and protection system, designated XMK1. You can take on the role of two great Air Force ace pilots, call sign "Ghost" and "Avenger" both are enrolled in the new-tech experimental fighting suit program. The suit is designed to supply the necessary firepower and defensive capabilities for your task. Not only does it not hinder your natural movement but in the later stages it greatly augments your speed and maneuvering capacity.