Super Sequin Simulator - DIY Flip Swipe your finger across the screen like real sequins! Do you like sequins? Try our live sequins on your phone screen! A unique game where you can try interactive sequins. Features of the application: - Realistic effect of rotation of sequins. - Making your sequin. How to make a unique sequins. - Learn how to make pailing at home. - Anti-stress app. Calm the nerves. - The game is completely free. - Magic sequin flip wallpaper - Large selection of colors, textures, smiles, videos and more! - Realistically react to your fingers. Manage and surprise your friends! - Brilliant, transparent without glue with animation! - Play at home without the Internet or in any convenient situation! - Stretch, knead, slam, rotate a lot of action! Paillettes game is anti-stress, like squash or lick. Emulator of real sequins on your phone! Leave us feedback and comments and we will try to make our game even better!