Ever wondered what colours go with a colour you chose? Had trouble choosing colours while building a website or painting? Well, me too! Palettify was built to solve that issue. It will tell you some colours that could go well with a colour you choose. You can copy the colour code as HEX or RGB, and even save the palette as an image! Palettify uses an internal colour matching algorithm that is based on colour theory. It doesn't have any ads or ask for unnecessary permissions. It also does not share what colour you choose with anyone. Here're couple of cool features of the app: - Search for colours using HEX or RGB values - Copy the colour code to your Clipboard - Choose a random colour if you want some inspiration - Export a colour palette as an image file, and save it to your Photo Library - Review how your colours look in real life with a feature to build a sample website with the colours in your palette. - Save/Bookmark a colour palette if you think you've hit jackpot - Completely supports Dark Mode - Multilingual. Currently has translations for: English (U.S.), English (International) and French (Canada). If you have any feedback, please feel free to email me! I'm also looking for folks who speak other languages, so if you want the app localised in your language, shoot me an email!