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Do not sign up

By SEA810   

6 months paid for-for nothing! Not one single match or date. It is pricey-you have to pay extra to even email someone you are interested in. This is the worst dating service ever! Please please save your money!

2022.07.03 06:05:34
Just a rouse to take your money

By itzLCD   

Don’t get me wrong, the thought and effort that went into designing this app was great! The goal however is just to make something look fancy to get you into thinking this is the real deal to make you buy their ridiculously priced memberships.
You only get to see 3 people per day all of which are usually never a match. The profiles are still filled with bots as well.
The other issue is that their ‘fake’ 20,000 waitlist is just that, fake. Just another rouse to make you think there are quality profiles to match with only to realize you can actually NEVER see your likes unless you pay.
You’re better off sticking with Hinge. This apps is a dumpster fire with a fresh coat of paint.

2022.07.01 05:00:05
Waitlist causes lack of users

By Wooye   

As a woman you’ll get a match once a week with a total dud

2022.07.01 04:45:52
Not at all unique


In a weeks time I have seen the same profiles repeated. I sent two messages to the concierge and heard nothing back. My feedback to them was there is nothing unique about seeing the same people over and again. Maybe one time but I’ve seen multiple women three times.Smoke and mirrors. High price for a cheap show.

2022.06.30 06:08:01
Almost Amazing

By 👏🏼❤️🇪🇸   

I’m new to this app and it honestly exceeded every other dating app by miles! The concept is great for people who want a certain type of person and don’t want to waste time weeding through tons of people they’re not interested in. It’s very good at selecting people for you and the groups feature is super cool. I love the fact that it connects your LinkedIn and social media because you know you’re talking to a real person and you can kind of see more of them to get their ~vibe~
Some things that would take it to amazing
~ Slightly cheaper?? $200-$900 is insane, especially since a lot of us are young professionals just starting out. Maybe more advertising would give more users and make the costs even out so we don’t have to pay so much.
~ When searching groups, it resets every time you join one. It would be so much more convenient to be able to join several at a time without being taken back to the main page.
~ more advertising so more people join! the groups are pretty dry bc I think a lot of people just don’t know this app exists

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月29日

Hello and thank you for your review. We appreciate your feedback and have forwarded your message to the Dev Team regarding your opinion on pricing and the issue you experienced with Groups. Please feel free to email if you ever need assistance with our App. Thank you again for the review!

2022.06.26 23:58:20

By calaallen   

This app is really bad and they want you to get awhile membership that costs $300.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月29日

Hello calaallen - thank you for your review. All Memberships and in-app purchases are completely optional. You are welcome to share detailed feedback by emailing Thank you.

2022.06.26 08:24:54
Hilariously obvious cash grab

By weightwatcher1234444   

Someone sent me a link to this so I downloaded to see what it was. False sense of exclusivity with waitlist, profiles obviously fake, and the prices of their membership are hilariously high. If you told me Billy from magnus and fyre fest was behind this I wouldn’t be surprised. Concept behind this is good, however developers could implement things much better for longevity of their user base before deletion

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月29日

Hello and thank you for your review. Did you actually experience The League as a Guest? Your review does not state if you were on the Waitlist or if you were Drafted in and used the App. Membership and in-app purchases are always optional. Our Drafting Team works diligently to prevent fake profiles from being accepted, and we have amazing users in The League who report anyone who is "off" and our Review Team steps in. If you have further questions or feedback feel free to email Thank you!

2022.06.26 06:49:44
This app is so BORING

By ….Leah   

To developer response: false. I’ve hearted 4 people, and there was no indication that we matched nor do they appear in the Matches list. 3 matches a day. You can’t see any of your received likes unless you pay an audaciously obscene amount of money or wait who knows how long for them to pop up in happy hour. Anybody you like may not even see your like for days at a time. Forget about using a Power Move; it puts your profile in the next batch, but who’s to say the person is going to log in that very next day and see you before you disappear? I consider myself a patient person, but who has time for any of this?? I’d rather meet people on bumble and hinge and make instant connections. Matter of fact, I found 2 guys on bumble the same day I signed up, and we’re having great conversations. This app is nothing but a glorified, elitist app trying to justify its high price tag, and I won’t fall for it. I feel bad for anyone actually spending car payments on this thing.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月24日

Hello Leah - Thanks for taking the time to write a review. First off, your daily Batch is a combination of Prospects you are seeing first and who Hearted you first. The Likes You tab is a perk for Investors. When you Heart someone or even Powermove them we try to put you in their next Batch. However, we cannot control or guarantee when users log in and vote. If they don't vote on you then you will continue to reappear in their Batch until they do. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

2022.06.24 05:47:31
Zero diversity & a total scam

By myTherapyExperience   

That’s the review. ✌️Don’t waste your money or time on this app.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月29日

Thank you for your review. The League is all-inclusive and welcomes all walks of life and ethnicities. We are only limited by those who choose to sign up for our services. The App is completely free to use once your Profile has been approved from the Waitlist. The League is not a scam and has helped thousands of couples find love. You are welcome to see some of our love stories by visiting

2022.06.24 05:15:43
Not worth it

By jayne >40   

Better to use a free app.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月29日

Hello and thank you for the review. The League App is free to use. All Memberships and in-app purchases are completely optional. Guest users are able to Vote, Match, and Chat for free, as well as participate in Groups and Events once their Profile is approved from the Waitlist. If you have questions you are welcome to email Thanks!

2022.06.23 08:55:21
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