No more swiping, no more messaging, and no more awkward date planning for daters! Reco lets friends set up friends on dates with people they know and trust. HOW IT WORKS: • Daters are represented by their friends who play Matchmakers, who work together to find matches based on the Dater's preferences and deal breakers. • Two Matchmakers plan the perfect first date. A neighborhood walk? Cocktails? • Using the Date Planner function, Matchmakers message their Dater friend to weigh in on time and location. • Get ready for that date! • Share this app with your friends. Yes, even the taken ones! Dating apps aren’t just for single people anymore. DATE PLANNER Dating just got less stressful and more fun. Our Date Planner and calendar integration helps Agents take care of all the planning and logistics. All you have to do is show up to the date. BUILT-IN ACCOUNTABILITY No more ghosting or bad date behavior. Daters are held accountable by their friends who set them up. FREE WHILE IN BETA Why pay matchmakers hundreds of dollars when your friends know you better? Save your money for the date itself. “It felt very easy and safe to go on a date set up by someone I trust. There was a lot less pressure because we were both in the same boat— we were there to try something new and have fun. My Agent did all the work!” - Annie, Portland, OR