Welcome to the journey of the hidden world adventure with Dino T-Rex Simulator 3D. The Dino Game is an episodic 3D adventure game based on 3D Dinos with real-time effects in throwing, eating & shooting features. Ohh!!It has different types of equipment used in the gameplay attached to it like a gun or two, or defy nature by breathing fire! Experience a brand new adventure with prehistoric Jurassic 3D dinos in Dino-Trex Simulator Gameplay. This has many modified Dinos with new technology added to it. Each Dino has its own unique armors & powers to complete levels. Each level will be given a task to complete to kill or eat or destroy. This is a beautifully designed game with extraordinary HD graphics with many unseen features in it. Enjoy the gameplay with unique adventures Dinos & unrevealed missions. Download & play with Prehistoric Jurassic Dinos ready to attack. Dino T-Rex Simulator 3D Features: • Best Simulation Game • Unlock & Play 20+ Dino • Enjoy all the new modified armed dinos • Dino T-Rex Simulator 3D Features: • Best Dinosaur Simulation Game • Unlock & Play with different Dino • Enjoy all the new modified armed Dinosaurs • Exciting levels & missions to complete • It’s a FREE game to play. • Upgrade all the dinos to complete the levels. Do you like this Dino T-Rex Simulator 3D?? Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback. It will mean the world for us!