AeroConnect is a transportation and tourism services application with easy payment solution. AeroConnect mission is to enhance social value by facilitating transportation industry players to meet the needs of tourism industry, and vice versa. With the spirit “Let’s Grow Up Together”. By downloading and using AeroConnect services, you are taking part in making Indonesia excel in transportation and tourism. Need a ride for your daily activity? You can choose: Car On Demand, Rent Car or Shuttle. Troubled applying for Visa/Kitas? We provide: Visa Services Bored with your daily life, busy at the office and dealing with your business? We have Tour services. Having trouble with check-in, immigration and baggage claim in Airports (Arrival and Departure)? We have the Airport Transfer and Butler (Airport VIP Services). Not having cash, run out of mobile credit load and internet data? Don’t worry because we’ve got the solution: QR Pay dan Bills. So, what are you waiting for? Download and get our services… #LETSGROWUPTOGETHER