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Whats with the money hold?

By futchrambler   

Done selling on depop. I shipped items and they were received and depop is still holding my money like a bunch of scammers. Haven’t sold much on depop but this is definitely the last time

2023.09.21 01:47:15
Terrible customer service

By Jdkksna   

If I could give this app a 0, I would just based on their customer service. I have created several accounts by accident over the past 5-10 years because I don’t use the app regularly. When trying to access ANY ONE of my accounts, I got responses from at least 15 different reps in one chain. They would ask for information I’ve already provided and also ask for information I’ve said I cannot provide. In the end, I asked them to just close all the accounts associated with my phone number since I’m clearly unable to access them. They were unable to even do that. They use Zendesk and having experience with zendesk, I know you physically have to assign the ticket to another rep so the fact that I was passed along so much shows whatever system of passing tickets they’re operating on is dysfunctional. An absolute waste of time - stick to Poshmark or even eBay!
Update: the response is just as generic as all your reps and didn’t even actually address my problem. I see reviews from 2+ years ago complaining of the same thing and somehow I’m still having this issue. You guys are the worst!! Poshmark is far superior!!!!

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月20日

Thanks for your review.
We hear you on this and completely understand your frustrations. That said, creating multiple accounts is against our terms which is why when you have an existing account - any additional accounts created will be removed.
That said, we will still allow you to create one account. 
To address your comments regarding passing tickets along, please note that this is not the case. All of our agents are trained to deal with any issues we happen to come across so any reports that come through are not assigned to an individual. This way, someone will always be available to get back to you. 
Team Depop

2023.09.21 00:30:16
A rabbit hole.

By David7991   

Thrifting but online; down we go.

2023.09.20 23:34:02
Greatest selling app for clothes and shoes

By Finnfun123   


2023.09.20 22:35:43

By Mchachadoll   

So far this app has been a God sent for what I was looking to do. As a seller, it’s so easy to use and works so well. Fees are fair, many shipping options and a couple ways to promote your items. Just wish it had a way to know how much you’ll make as soon as you adjust pricing or counteroffer, like Poshmark does. Also, a better way to share items to be seen more. There are just a couple of UX things that could be improve, as with any other app, but other than that it’s def so worth it 😊💚🙌

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月21日

This is such great news! We're glad to hear that things are working out for you on Depop.
If you ever run into any issues then please reach out to us via this link - bit.ly/depoprequest, or feel free to report things directly via the app.
Team Depop

2023.09.20 06:57:29

By Somite12345   

My favorite shop ever! Always happy with my jewelry

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月21日

This is such great news! We're glad to hear that things are working out for you on Depop.
If you ever run into any issues then please reach out to us via this link - bit.ly/depoprequest, or feel free to report things directly via the app.
Team Depop

2023.09.20 03:07:29
App Pretends to be International

By Vinko   

The app accepts international phone numbers at sign up but claims the phone number is invalid. Does not even explain why. Most likely assume a phone has 10 digits like most North American phone numbers.

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月21日

Thanks for taking the time out to leave us a review.
If you're having issue signing up to Depop you can check out our support pages here - bit.ly/3sZRwQG. If you're still having issues then feel like to reach out to our team via this link - http://bit.ly/depoprequest.
Team Depop

2023.09.20 00:35:51
Depop Payments

By realdavidbowie   

Please get rid of the depop balance addition! It's so inconvenient and I feel like I have no control over my profits. I sold and shipped two items back in June, they both delivered in June, and the money was just transferred into my bank account a couple days ago. It is September!!! It's ridiculous that I dont have the option to transfer my own money out of depop myself. I have $89 dollars sitting in there that won't transfer. Seems like a way to rob your sellers honestly.

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月21日

Thanks for your review 😇 New features are released with the intention of improving the user experience and making Depop a better place to buy and sell, so we always value honest opinions on what is and isn't a good idea. We've passed your comments back to the relevant team so they can review the feedback.
Team Depop.

2023.09.19 19:01:08
Mobile “Thrift shop”

By Lol I'm bob brown   

I absolutely love this app, I found clothing and sneakers for a really good price, very similar to my local thrift stores. I feel like people sell items for a much more reasonable price, and there are less resellers trying to make a profit.

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月20日

Thanks for taking the time to leave us with some feedback. It's great to hear that you're enjoying Depop so far! We're so glad to have you as part of our amazing community. 
Team Depop

2023.09.19 06:44:32
why did you remove the sort by most popular?

By ratsvy   

i buy from here a lot and have no problems but pleaseeee bring back the sort by most popular option!!! now i have to scroll for 10 minutes through all the trash before i find anything good :((((

开发者回复 回复时间 2023年09月20日

Thank you for your feedback. We love hearing about what we can do to improve Depop for our Community. When you succeed, we succeed. We’ll be sure to pass this onto our Product team, keep an eye out for future App updates.
Team Depop

2023.09.19 05:20:31
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