ReachLivery is committed to delivering a higher booking rate for taxi companies. More bookings equal higher profits. We are able to assist your company by: Scheduling bookings and meeting on-demand bookings Offering fast and secure online payment processing Effortless use of app for riders in iPhone and iPad Offer a robust and trouble-free way to use our web-based admin panel for your taxi company administrator/owner ReachLivery is designed to suit the needs of a single-car company, as well as the company who manages fleets of vehicles and orders in one or multiple locations. ReachLivery is scalable. This means as you grow, we are able to update, enhance and customize product solutions for your ever-changing needs. Our technology team is committed to staying abreast of market trends. As technology advances, our team will always work to develop and improve our revolutionary features that will benefit your business. Rider’s Features:- Location based search for available drivers nearby. Selection for type of car required. Confirm/Cancel Trip. Estimated fare and arrival time of driver. Driver details with picture and current car location Save credit card details for payment through app. Rate/Review driver. Please note that running GPS in the background continuously can have an impact on your device's battery life, therefore please plan accordingly.