YOU gotta GET THE GIRL NOW! Before the FIRE does! Solve your way to her heart! And maybe a first date!? Who knows! Wanna water some plants? Thanks. Save Mother Earth too! SAVE the GIRL of your DREAMS from LAVA! Protect her from THIEFS! A little water never hurt anyone! But don’t let your TOILET PAPER GET WET! Collect that paper gold! Drop TOILETS on the bad guys and use that BIG BRAIN of yours to SOLVE! And most importantly GET THE GIRL! Put on your best smile and suit! GET it NOW! How deep is your devotion? GET THE GIRL NOW! Featuring! Multiple game types! So much TOILET paper! REAL PUZZLES! ROMANCE! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at: Link to Terms and Conditions: Link to Privacy: Link to Cookies Policy: