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It works well but is very buggy and has overall issues, sometimes it fails to block stuff. Usually due to failing to update

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2022.07.01 05:37:24

UPDATE: FIXED AND SATISFIED👍👍 Thanks developers 👍👍 ****** My PC Is Lagging. I love this app but it makes my PC running slow. You can also killed and bypassed the app on Android phone by using "AppInfo" and clear the "cache" and "force stop". Please developers, please fix this, I do really love this app it helps me be more productive. I already subscribed for one year.

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开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月28日

Hi there and thanks for the feedback! Our latest update to the Freedom Windows client includes performance improvements, so please make sure you are using the latest version. For enhanced quit protection, we recommend blocking system settings and using device admin permissions. If you need more help please contact us at Thanks!

2022.06.30 14:23:09


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开发者回复 回复时间 2022年07月01日

Hi there and thanks for taking the time to leave your review! If we can help with anything you can reach us at (:

2022.06.30 12:11:06

I want to like it but if often stays locked even after the time has passed.....

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开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月28日

Hi Matt! Thanks for your review and for letting us know. We wouldn't expect this to happen, but our expert support team should be able to help you diagnose and fix this. Please don't hesitate to send in a ticket to and we can investigate. Thanks! :)

2022.06.28 06:05:12

You're getting a version for free that's pretty much useless. Does not work just promoting their premium plan. Should just make it paid here so we dont get fooled into downloading useless trials

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By Akash
开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月28日

Hi there! Our free trial comes with 7 free sessions that allow you to try out the app and website blocking functionality, but there are some features that are reserved for premium accounts. If you'd like to try out the free trial a bit longer or need any help please don't hesitate to contact us at and we can help. Thanks!

2022.06.27 20:42:02

When it works, it's great. This is the second time I've had to reach out to get help because I'm still able to get on the sites i blocked. At this point i feel like i should get a refund.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月28日

Hi Anita. So sorry for the trouble! It sounds like our team needs to check the settings on your device once more. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we'll help you fix the problem. We also have this troubleshooting guide: that might be helpful. Thanks!

2022.06.27 09:09:07

No email nor password is accepted after I downloaded it.

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By M M
开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月28日

Hi there and so sorry for the trouble! If you are still having trouble with this please contact our team at and we can help. You can also try our password reset form here: Thanks!

2022.06.26 03:17:01

Doesn't block apps on Android. It blocked yesterday but today when I start the exact same session it's no longer working. I can still open Whatsapp and YouTube 🤔 I wonder why was it working yesterday but not today..

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开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月25日

Hi there & sorry for the trouble! Please go to System Details on the Settings tab to restore the blocking permissions. It's possible for battery-saving services to revoke permissions, but this is fixable. We have more info here: If you need more help please email and we help you fix the problem. Thanks!

2022.06.24 21:44:59

Best app at keeping me off distracting websites

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月22日

Thanks for your awesome 5-star review! We love to hear how Freedom helps our users avoid distractions and stay focused. Your feedback helps us to continue being the best productivity app out there & delivering a 5-star experience!

2022.06.22 11:41:35

Excellent app. The only problem is that I only can create one blocklist. I would like to have the possibility of creating two or more of them.

开发者回复 回复时间 2022年06月21日

Hi there! Thanks so much for your awesome review and feedback. We are working on the ability to have multiple app blocklists and hope to have it available soon. Thanks again!

2022.06.18 23:11:14
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