Granny monsters vs friends is a casual anti-stress RPG game with the elements of grim humor. In this horror game, a player is challenged to deal with an army of evil olds in order to escape from their mansion. Funny games are over, it's time to meet a legion of ruthless grandpas and grannies and beat them all. This horror RPG game offers two game modes. The first mode is the “Endless Battle,” while the second is the “Campaign.” In the Campaign mode, a player is tasked to escape from the house of a granny and grandpa. Each level presents a unique location with its own specifics. For this reason, a player needs to constantly change the direction of the upgrading of their skills. A flexible upgrade of a character makes the gameplay even more exciting. The Grandpa & Granny Horror Battle RPG game includes: • 25 types of weapons; • 18 types of armor; • over 60 varieties of enemies; • 9 minor bosses and 3 chief bosses; • 62 skills; • 12 missions; • RPG and horror elements fused in one gameplay; • a casual-style game; • infinitely good mood and funny games with a granny and a grandpa.